Glen Jakes Nursery Menu

Glen Jakes Nursery is committed to offering children a healthy, nutritious and well balanced diet which meets each child's individual needs and requirements. Meals are freshly prepared on the premises daily by our in house chef.

Our children enjoy a varied menu that rotates over a 4 week period ensuring a wide variation of dishes can be enjoyed.

Our babies follow the same menu however it is tailored to their individual needs. Careful planning and communication with parents is done to enable a smooth transition for their growth and development. We are able to provide smooth and lumpy variations of the menu to suit the stage of weaning the child is at.

All vegetarians and children with specific dietary needs are fully catered for and the menu is adapted in accordance to the child's requirements. When you register you will be given the opportunity to complete a form outlining any dietary requirements so that the chef and staff can be informed.

All meals and snacks are accompanied with either milk, water or diluted juice if desired please note signed authorisation is required if you would like your child to have the choice of juice. Drinking water is available throughout the whole day for all children and babies to access.

Our four week rotating menu is displayed at our entrance area so parents can view the meals on the menu.

Your child will have up to three meals during their nursery day, depending upon the times they arrive and leave.

Here is an example of one week's menu.

AM SnackPotato CakesCrumpetsToastFruit LoafCheese,
Cucumber and Breadsticks
LunchTuna Pasta with Peas and Sweetcorn

Sausage, Mash, Peas, Carrots and Gravy

Rice Pudding & Raisins
Chicken Dinner with Potatoes, Sweetcorn and Carrots

Jelly and Ice-cream
Chicken and Pea Risotto

Bananas and Pancakes
Lamb Burger, Wedges and Beans

Fresh Fruit
PM SnackMixed Sandwiches

Fresh Fruit
Houmous and Breadsticks

Fresh Fruit
Beans on Toast

Fresh Fruit

Fresh Fruit
Crackers and Spread

Fresh Fruit